Getting Fresh

In an economic downturn, even the savviest business owner’s instincts may be to scale back on new product offerings. Yet as the recession cycles onward, many companies are choosing to introduce new products as a way to boost revenue.

In the retail sector, the idea is to stimulate demand at stores, restaurants and showrooms with new products and line extensions. The opportunity to reach out to customers with additional advertising and promotions comes as a bonus with these new launches.

In our industry, the goal is to stay in the game with new products tailored for the times. “We’re looking for voids in the industry,” says Bruce Pitler, sales manager for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based supplier Emile Henry (UPIC: emileh), “for things that fit into someone’s home and fit their needs.” This spring Pitler’s incentive rewards company introduced a pineapple cutter, which makes easy work of creating pineapple rings at home, in addition to multiple other kitchen and home accessories intended to make eating in feel less like a sacrifice.

For Gail Ahlers, owner of Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based supplier Ahlers Designs Inc. (UPIC: AhlersDI), customers expect her to continue offering new goods, and she’s not about to let them down. “That’s what keeps my company on the front edge-having new things that keep my customers excited,” she says. “People look to me for new and innovative ideas.”

Currently Ahlers is planning to launch a new incentive product for companies looking to recognize staff members through a point reward system. She says she isn’t worried about purchasing new, untested inventory during a downturn because technology has revolutionized the way she advertises new product. “There are a lot more ways to instantly communicate with people than there were in the past,” she says. “You used to have to wait until a tradeshow.” Instead, Ahlers plans to promote her new product-online, immediately and for free-on LinkedIn and Facebook.

In fact microblogging site Twitter is making it easier for businesspeople such as Ahlers to sell their wares via social media. This spring Twitter partnered with Google AdSense to offer up tweets as ads. It works by displaying up to five Twitter posts across the AdSense network, which lets users input specific criteria for ad placements. When internet users click on the ads, however, it takes them to the company’s Twitter profile, not the company’s homepage.

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