The Many Layers Of A T

Working on the theory that peeking into a person’s t-shirt drawer is akin to glimpsing into his or her past, Bowling Green, Kentucky-based distributor BlueCotton (UPIC: bluecott) surveyed 1,000 of its online customers asking, “What favorite, sentimental old t-shirts do you still own?” The answers spilled out like laundry out of a hamper.

It turns out that most people feel attached to their t-shirts, despite their age or demographic group. “A Little League championship, a first concert, a family vacation, a cherished alma mater, your own business-everyone’s list is like a snapshot of their personality,” says Mike Coffey, BlueCotton’s CEO.

Approximately 79 percent of those who responded still have an old t-shirt, and 788 have a combined 2,124 shirts. The study also found that:

  •  Four out of five people hold on to at least one sentimental old shirt, and some keep two or three.
  • Vacation tees are the most kept of any category.
  • Those ages 18 to 24 are most likely to hang on to an old t-shirt, and they are also more likely to keep a t-shirt from a concert or political election.
  • Post-graduate degree holders are twice as likely as those with only a bachelor’s degree to have a tee from a sorority or fraternity.
  • People are more likely to keep a shirt they acquired as a sports spectator than as a sports participant.
  • Employer or work t-shirts are most often kept by those in the highest income brackets.
  • Shirts from church events are most cherished by women, non-whites and residents of the South. 


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