Golf Polo Shirts – A Great Way to Promote Your Brand

Promotional products are a great way to improve the profile of a company and to spread a brand or logo to people who might not otherwise have seen it. At the same time it’s a great way to have a relevant gift to give business partners, clients and customers that can make a deal seem like a more attractive prospect (e.g. giving a free mug away with a subscription to a service) or to appear like a generous company that gives away free gifts.


There are many promotional products that a company can order and it’s fairly cheap to get a logo printed on a whole range of items. By then buying them in bulk this can offer a significant investment and a great way to market a business without spending too much on advertising, competitions and events etc. Particularly popular promotional materials are pens, mugs, mouse mats, bags, lanyards and coasters. All of which make a small practical gift that someone can take home with them and use, generating publicity for the company at the same time.

One of the best types of promotional product however is clothing, and golf polos are particularly popular. These are highly practical t-shirts that are fairly cheap to manufacture and that people can wear about the house or when they’re going out to play sports or use the gym. Unlike a mug or a pen then, a golf polo with the company logo on it will get worn out and about and will be seen by hundreds of people as a result. Essentially you are getting free advertising from the person who wears the t-shirt while keeping them happy that they’ve received a free gift. If you give out a hundred of these at an event then your t-shirt will be seen in front of thousands of people and will generate a lot of publicity for your business. At the same time one person might go to a concert, or even be featured on the television, or have their photo in the paper – and if they’re wearing your polo then they’ll get thousands or even millions of viewers seeing your company name. People might travel to another country even and promote your clothing out there, potentially opening you up to an international market.

The other great thing about golf polos or any type of promotional clothing is that people don’t like throwing away clothes. Even when they’re old or torn, people tend to feel as though throwing their clothes away is wasteful. As such the life span of your promotional materials is going to be very extensive (and far more so that a mug or pen). You might find that when a person has finished with your t-shirt they pass it down to a family member, or they sell it at a car boot sale, or give it away to a charity shop. This then means that another person will be wearing it, and it’ll get all that publicity for your company all over again. You might find even that your polos outlive your company, acting as a legacy that works its way around the world.

This is one reason my golf clothing is a popular promotional choice is that it is very neat but casual. Especially polo shirts can be worn at a wide variety of functions or events.

If you are considering using promotional items to promotion your corporation brand, please contact us for more information. We have all of the expertise you’ll need. 

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