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Time is money as the saying goes, but it can also be a great method for marketing your enterprise. The use of promotional clocks has been a successful idea used by vehicle makers, athletic teams and beverage producers for many years. The promotional clocks with the company logo on are distributed as gifts to customers or affiliated organizations such as auto repair shops or restaurants. The company’s logo that is branded onto the clock is a constant reminder of the company whenever it is viewed. They are probably one of the most looked at items throughout the day, whether at home or at the office, so definitely a good reason to have a branded clock in your office or home.

There are many different types of clock that can be branded which are also a useful item to most people. These include alarm clocks, travel clocks, clocks can also be added to a lot of everyday items such as calculators, photo frames and money boxes to name but a few, the list is really endless.

Promotional clocks are available in a wide array of sizes, shapes and designs, so there should be a clock out there to suit everyone. Color and style can be customized to almost any event or company logo. Clocks are a perfect promo item for use in the home or office. Travel clocks branded with your organization s logo can be very effective tokens at trade shows or exhibitions.

Internal to your business, promotional clocks can have a high impact on employee morale and effort. It is easy to have wall clocks around a company with the logo and perhaps the motto of the company to inspire workforce pride. Why not have a branded wall clock incorporated with an inspirational poster to lift up the spirits of workers and remind them of the company’s purpose. You will often see signs in customer service related areas reminding employees to be helpful and smile at all times. Instead you could incorporate the message into a promotional clock, one object the employee is sure to be checking during the day.

Desk clocks can provide employee reminders of best practices or quaint sayings concerning best efforts and doing the work right the first time. Desk clocks have many designs with photo frames included or pen sets and the like. Employees like to have family and loved ones photos on the desk to remind them of the real reason for working diligently on the job. The photos can inspire camaraderie and conversation among the workers, building stronger bonds that increase efficiency.

Promotional clocks can serve as awards to high performing individuals that display the achievement and the brand name on the same piece. Clocks can be simple or fancy, as the event or award requires and tailored to the moment. An engraved clock can make a useful and touching gift to departing employees or special customers.

Other promo items can include clocks, improving the usefulness and impact of the gift. Examples of this are pens, pen set holders, paper weights, and many other items. Clocks can include other features such as a thermometer for the room or a world time display capability.

If you are considering using promotional items to promotion your corporation brand, please contact us for more information. We have all of the expertise you’ll need. 

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