Promotional Tees

When you are looking for a versatile promotional item that can help you promote your business through advertising and help promote a unified presence in the office. Promotional tees are ideal for corporate apparel, especially as the move from business dress to business casual has taken over the executive offices. Promotional tees are also a wise investment when you are looking to get the most exposure from your advertising dollars.

More and more companies have put into their policies that employees can come to work in more relaxed attire as long as they are wearing company branded items. To help promote this many companies have bought promotional tees to give to their employees. This is an excellent item for each and every employee to have especially if your company participates in corporate challenges, or city wide athletic competitions between local businesses and corporations. Promotional tees are ideal for employees to wear to work, to get in shape and they can be worn by any person regardless of shape, race or gender.

Hardworking employees look forward to taking a break from the daily uniform or dress that they wear to work. There isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t look forward to jean day, which could be complimented perfectly with a promotional tee. Did you know that you can actually increase employee satisfaction by handing out promotional tees. This is such a small investment for a company to make to boost morale and improve employee satisfaction. Think about this, happy employees are more productive. Which is better for your business!

Promotional tees are also excellent products to hand out at tradeshows. Go the extra step, don’t just hand out the promotional tees, make sure the staff you have working your booth are also wearing the promotional tees. This helps your staff look more professional and it lets potential customers know that your company is a pulled together and serious about promoting their business products and services. This gives potential clients and customers a good feeling that your company will take care of their needs.

Promotional tees make sense when you are looking at investing your marketing dollars wisely. Promotional tees are favorites of the memorabilia gathering public. We are an attire obsessed society. We are always looking for ways to increase our wardrobes, and who doesn’t like a free promotional tee that they can wear to the beach, to the grocery, to the park, to mow the yard, to go out and work out at the gym, hang out with friends, go to a concert and so on.

Think about that for one moment. A promotional tee with your company name and logo is reaching more people then the biggest billboard you could possible get. Plus, the promotional tee is going to cost you about $4 or $5 per shirt, probably less if you order more… that one promotional tee is going to reach people where they are least expecting to be hit by a salesperson. No the person wearing your promotional tee is not a sales person, but they are getting your name and logo out there.

If you are considering using promotional items to promotion your corporation brand, please contact us for more information. We have all of the expertise you’ll need. 

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