Reality Show Ramp-Up

Mun2, a Hispanic youth-focused cable channel owned by NBC Universal, was looking for items to promote the launching of a new reality TV show called “Larrymania,” based on the life of Mexican singer Larry Hernandez.

They needed two products, one geared toward advertisers and the second toward consumers. Ideas were presented for both the ad agencies and Mun2 viewers. They settled on a bobble head and a leather wristband. Mun2 sent their distributor partner a photo of Larry Hernandez for the bobble head design. He made sure everything matched, even Hernandez’s goatee, which was very important for the artist.

For the wristband, Mun2 wanted to include the show logo and the Mun2 name, but they didn’t just want to do a straight logo. They decided on a custom leather bracelet with the show’s logo and a custom-debossed pattern.

They produced 250 bobble heads and 2,000 wristbands. Both items were a huge success. Sarah Castellvi, marketing coordinator at Mun2, was pleased with the results.

Need some unique items to promote a special event or product? Speak to your distributor partner for cool ideas and creative designs that can help you launch a successful ad campaign or product launch.

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