Small Knives To Return To The Skies In Revised TSA Regulations

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) announced last week that it was easing restrictions on knives that passengers can bring on commercial airliners. The ruling, which is slated to go into effect April 25, opens the door for a number of small knives sold in the promotional products industry.

Passengers will be allowed to bring knives with non-locking blades shorter than 2.36 inches in length and less than a half-inch in width. Razor blades, box cutters and knives with molded grips remain prohibited.

The decision has not come without controversy, however. Legislators, groups representing flight attendants and federal air marshals and even some airline CEOs have come out against the measure. In a letter to TSA Administrator John Pistole, Delta CEO Richard Anderson says the changes would “add little value to the customer security process flow in relation to the additional risk for our cabin staff and customers.”


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