Branded Promotional Items Beat Traditional Advertising

Promotional merchandise comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from office equipment and electronic gadgets to fashionable clothing, house items, fun and novel gifts and environmentally friendly promotional items. They have proved to be a cost effective way to advertise your business.

Deciding on the type of products that can best represent your company can be a difficult choice due to the large amount of items available. When selecting promotional items and gifts consider your budget, the impact you want to make and the quality of the item. Poor quality will reflect badly on your product and company, and leave a bad impression on prospective clients. Promotional products and clothing can be transformed into personal billboards for your brand so use them wisely.

Branded Items are a great way for knowledgeable marketers to raise brand awareness and get their message across. The growing recognition of the effectiveness of logo branded items can be put down to two factors. First, they are targeted to a specific audience, unlike traditional mass media, they are given only to the people you choose. Secondly, because they are targeted they are measurable and cost effective. Value is more essential than low costs, it is crucial to present superior branded items if you want to make your promotion a success.

There are lots of ways to get your branded items out in the local area and get noticed. Get in touch with fundraisers who will be on the lookout for prizes for raffles and competitions, these can be the ideal opening for you to give away your branded promotional items.

A fundraising event provides a great opportunity to get your logo recognized and be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Consider having a stand at the event too where you can give out brochures or a little free gift, again with your logo printed on it. Novelty pens or stylish key rings can be purchased at reasonable costs. If you are giving some of your own products as prizes, then expect your business name to be announced to the audience and have a big banner on display. Exhibitions and trade shows are also highly popular venues with businesses wanting to get their name known. Consider giving away promotional Tote bags at an event such as this, as they are not only practical and useful but also environmentally friendly.

A Tote bag makes a great promotional gift as they come in a range of bright colors and various styles and can be printed with your logo or company name, or a message displayed prominently on the front. The number of people attending one of these events can be in their thousands and you need quirky or stylish branded Items as a give-away to make them spot your stand amongst the hundreds of others and encourage them to stop.

You then have a chance to talk to them about your products and services. If you do decide to give away Tote bags, you could also add other items inside, such as pens, pads and even discount coupons. There is no end to the methods that you can use to publicize your business using promotional items. It is also a much cheaper way to advertise than other traditional forms of advertising. It can be costly to advertise in the newspapers or even on local TV, and once it has been seen the paper gets thrown away and the ad is forgotten.

For the same price you could purchase hundreds of branded items and with your logo printed prominently on the front of a practical item, such as a pen or calendar, you can be guaranteed your logo will be seen over and over again. Only source products from good quality factories and importers if you really want to make an impact.  Research a few promotional product websites before making a decision; they will give you lots of inspiration.


By Michiel Van Kets/


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