Create a Buzz with the Best Promotional Items

Giving away promotional items can be one of the quickest and most efficient ways to spread your brand message. You want to find a cost-effective way to stay on budget with these products, but NEVER go the cheap route. Customers appreciate the gesture and nothing says “thank you” or builds brand loyalty like providing them with an item that can be used continuously. You want to stay at the forefront of their mind and splashing your brand across gifts is the ideal way to do that. Promotional companies are everywhere and item selections are endless. In order to pick items with the most immediate and long-term impact, follow this guide. These are proven winners that can be used time and time again.

1.) Flash Drives

Who gets rid of flash drives? The answer is no one, which is why they make an exceptional promotional item. That small gadget still leaves plenty of space for you to include your contact information. This will stay in their office for years to come. Better yet, add a keychain flash drive to your promotional stock and it is sure to travel with them wherever they go. When deciding on a promotional item, it is important to never forget the importance of functionality.

2.) iPhone Cases

iPhone mobile devices add a lot of convenience to life, but they certainly are fragile. Everyone needs some sort of protection for those all too often times when the phone slips and goes plummeting to the floor. The solution is highly marketed iPhone cases, which have presented an excellent branding opportunity for business owners. People are particular about this new form of style expression. In this scenario you don’t want to give them an iPhone case with your logo; you want to provide them with an iPhone case that showcases their logo! Not to be left out, you can include your contact information smaller at the bottom. People love to see their logo on products and this shows them that you have more than just your own interests in mind. They will appreciate the extra effort.

3.) Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are another great way to showcase not just your logo, but their logo as well. Put one on each side and it is a win, win situation.  Don’t just go for the white, standard ceramic every time. If it is a loyal customer or a special time of year, add some wow factor with an engraved coffee mug as opposed to the standard printed style. There is a huge selection of cost-effective options to choose from and the intent is that it quickly becomes their go-to mug every day. Choose a flashy color or do a wrap-around logo – just make sure it’s something that stands out from the competition. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

4.) Tote Bags

Tote bags are chic, earth friendly, and incredibly functional. Not only that, they also provide ample space to for your logo and contact information as well as the customers. What you are trying to convey with promotional items is that it’s a business relationship that you value and appreciate. Promoting your logos side by side is the strongest way to send that message. It gives you credibility as a trustworthy company that cares. Don’t just think grocery bag; these totes can be designed to have patterns, bright colors, lots of text, and some are even insulated. They are versatile, can be hauled anywhere and add instant convenience to your customers’ lives.

5.) What depicts your brand best?

There is no right or wrong answer to determine what promotional items your customers will like best, but there is a way to be unforgettable. Finding items that fit your company culture or brand message are memorable. Do you own a bakery? Why not give away wooden spoons with your company name on the handle? Do you own a DJ service?  A custom pair of headphones could be just the ticket. A cosmetic company could give away blush brushes, a financial firm could giveaway money clips, and a wine company could giveaway custom cheese cutting boards.

Don’t be scared to get cute with your gifts by doing something that might make people shake their head and chuckle. After all, the goal is to be remembered. Don’t spend money on items that won’t get you noticed.




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