Case Studies


To find items that could serve multiple brand-building purposes. At least one product had to be able to be mailed, and all items had to be usable both internally for employees and externally for clients and prospective clients.

Round 1/8 inch Mousepad, 3-1/2 inch Memo Cube

The mousepad is used as a thank-you gift for clients. The 1/8-inch mousepad was selected over thicker pads to minimize mailing costs. DMG Promotions suggested memo cubes as part of the core brand strategy. With 700 sheets, their use becomes habitual for many recipients. On average they last about a year and like mugs, keep the brand name in front of the customer day after day.


Prescription Solutions

To build brand recognition with Business Consultants.

Microtek Laptop Bag.

DMG Promotions recommended a slightly more upscale product for this more established and professional group. Cases work for those with or without laptops.