Damaged Orders

You will be notified three times during an order about our Damaged Order / Discrepancy Policy.

  • Final Quote
  • Delivery Confirmation Email
  • DMG Promotions Invoice

Damaged Order Policy:

Once your order has been delivered, you have 14 days to notify DMG Promotions if there are any damages or discrepancies to the order.  After 14 days upon receipt of the order, DMG Promotions will not be liable for any damages or discrepancies to the order.

If the order is damaged:

If you notice that that your order has been damaged or there is some sort of discrepancy, please notify us right away so we can assess the situation (within 14 days of delivery).  We will have to launch an investigation with the factory and/or the delivery service.  If we need to start an investigation with the factory and the delivery service, then we will need the following information:

  • Photos of damages/discrepancies to the order/shipment
  • Boxes and packing materials that the order/shipment was in – Do not throw these items away.
  • Has the order/shipment been moved since it was delivered to the original delivery address for the order?
  • A detailed description of what the damage/ discrepancy is
  • A contact person at your company for the investigation(s)

Once the investigation(s) have been completed and we determine who is liable for damages, DMG Promotions will contact you with the results to either credit, replace damaged items or take no action.

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